Is tele-abortion safe?

  • Scientific research studies have shown medical abortions to be safe, and millions of individuals have had medical abortions.

  • Nearly half of abortions in the United States are from medical abortions.

  • Medical abortions do not affect future pregnancies unless there are uncommon complications.

How long can I wait for a tele-abortion?

  • Medical abortions will be safer and more effective during the first trimester (13 weeks) of pregnancy especially in the initial eleven weeks.

  • Our healthcare providers can answer questions about your individual case.

  • Medical abortions do not affect future pregnancies unless there are uncommon complications.

How does a tele-abortion work?

  • Our healthcare providers will discuss options in a video-chat on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • The video-chat is private and secure.

  • Then they can prescribe medications for your abortion which you get in the mail.

Is this private and secure?

  • We keep everything private and secure for you.

  • We follow rules such as HIPAA for all steps including bookings and video-chats.

  • You can see our privacy policy here.

Where do I get my abortion pills?

You will receive a plain, padded envelope in the mail. Your pills can be shipped to an address in one of these states.

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut

  • Delaware

  • District of Columbia

  • Illinois

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • Minnesota

  • Montana

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • New York

  • Oregon

  • Rhode Island

  • Vermont

  • Virginia

  • Washington

  • Washington DC

Can I get my pills outside my state?

Where do the pills come from?

  • Our medications only come from companies in the United States, and we ship them to you directly.

  • Danco Laboratories and GenBioPro are the only two companies offering these medications in the United States.

  • Danco Laboratories received FDA approval for mifepristone under the brand name Mifeprex in the year 2000.

  • GenBioPro received FDA approval for generic mifepristone in the year 2019.

How do I book a video-chat online?

  • Click here to choose the day and time for your video-chat with our healthcare providers.

  • You will get an email to confirm with a link for the video-chat.

  • The video-chat is private and secure.

What if I need to change or cancel my video-chat?

  • You can change or cancel up to 12 hours before the time you chose for your video-chat.

  • If you cancel more than 12 hours before your time, you can request a refund minus a $35 cancellation fee by emailing info@abortiontelemedicine.com.

How do I see my healthcare provider?

  • At the time you selected you can use the link on a phone, tablet, or computer to talk with your healthcare provider on the video-chat.

  • The video-chat is private and secure.

What if I have problems with the pills?

  • Most people do very well without problems.

  • Our healthcare providers will tell you what you should do and will help with following up or finding someone near you if ever needed.

  • Messaging, phone calls, or video-chats for following up are included at no extra cost.

Who should NOT take abortion pills?

You should NOT take abortion pills if you...

  • have a pregnancy that is more than 13 weeks.

  • are using an IUD (intrauterine device or system).

  • have been told by your healthcare provider that you have a pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy).

  • have problems with your adrenal glands (chronic adrenal failure).

  • take a medicine to thin your blood.

  • have a bleeding problem.

  • have porphyria.

  • take certain steroid medicines.

  • are allergic to mifepristone or misoprostol or medicines that contain misoprostol such as Cytotec or Arthrotec.

What if I am under 18?

  • You may be able to see our healthcare providers depending on your state.

  • In some states you will need permission from a parent, guardian, family member, or judge.

  • You can find out more about the rules in your state here.

What if I do not speak English?

  • We have interpreters for 500 languages including sign language.

  • Learn more by clicking here.

How much does this cost?

You will pay $145. You will get everything below.

  • Video-chat with our healthcare providers

  • Abortion pills if appropriate

  • Delivery by USPS Priority Mail in 1-3 business days

How do I pay for this?

When you book your video-chat with our healthcare providers, you will pay online by credit card or debit card.

Will insurance cover this?

  • We will email you a receipt for your video-chat with our healthcare providers.

  • You can submit this to your insurance company and may get money back.

  • You can also try an FSA or HSA debit card which may work.

Can I get financial assistance?

You may be eligible for limited financial assistance. To learn more click here.